Bonuses for society

Bonuses for society to availability, breastfeeding friendly

1. Positive Initiative

People see nursing mothers with young children and have formed a positive image associated with motherhood and childhood.

In restaurants and other public establishments, friendly HS is, for example, non-smoking rooms. Accordingly, people who support a healthy lifestyle will be more willing to go to these places, thereby maintaining a healthy society, positive things.

2. Active Mom

A nursing mother who can continue an active social life after the birth of a child, will be included in the old rhythm of life, not dropping out of "reality" for many years. She has an incentive to the birth of other children after a while.

It positively affects the demographic situation in the society.

It is also common in nursing mothers in this period are developing good creative possibilities.

3. Child Development

A child who has a natural power demand is more likely to become a successful member of society in the future. It is easier to pass all the stages of socialization, learning and working well, without any problems a family.

4. A strong, healthy family

A nursing mother with a child since three months can walk together in almost all public places without any risks. This strengthens family relationships based on common interests.

Parents who support the idea of ​​breastfeeding at the request of the child, as a rule, support the idea of ​​natural and other parenthood, so these families stronger and healthier. The more of these families, the healthier the society itself.

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