Bonuses for support groups, counselors

Rewards for volunteers - support groups GV, lactation consultants and organizations involved in the spread of ideas.

1) create a positive image campaign

Friendly perception of the campaign is working for you - a positive image to attract new positive-minded people creates a good atmosphere and mood,

2) recognized around the world image and the idea of stickers

Stickers are created on the basis of international character support for breastfeeding, so easily recognizable throughout the world.

This symbol is also unambiguously interpreted even in the absence of any near explanatory inscriptions.

3) Easy access to label layouts

The site has several options for labels, layout easy to download .

In addition, under the heading " How to Start "you will find the voice clips (help to imagine the process of negotiation and planning it) and promotional materials (for submission to the campaign a wider audience).

4) The possibility of contact information changes

You can add labels to layout your contact information to stakeholders in dialogue, consultations, solving their problems lactating mother asked for help it to you.

If you do not know how to do it yourself, write to us - we can help!

5) The expansion of "spheres of influence"

The more stickers you distribute in the region, the more people will learn not only about the presence of loyal breastfeeding places, but about you as a "provider", the coordinator of this initiative in the region.

6) The establishment of direct contacts with organizations

Labels do not fall on the door just like that, without coordination - with the owners of pre-schools need to agree or they must wish to be more friendly for nursing mothers.

These direct contacts allow themselves the owners of a conscious approach to the campaign, and you are given an excellent opportunity to establish personal contacts in the region - with all the potential for further cooperation!

These organizations can later become your partners and during various activities, donors, sponsors, etc.

It's simple, fast and efficient!

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