Rooms for breastfeeding in Norway

August 25, 2014 by smart Leave A reply "

Here's a little room there is in any public place in Norway:

Комнаты для ГВ в Норвегии
Photo: sapacho

Inside there is a very soft and comfortable chair for feeding, benches and chairs and a small table on which is a constructor that older children can be entertained while mom feeds baby brother or sister. All people ...

In our country, women often breastfeed hiding in public toilets and other unsuitable places. Of course, breastfeeding can be organized everywhere, would sling or a scarf - and a baby at the breast notice passers becomes very difficult. However, much depends on the very mother, her psychological readiness. And the presence of HS-friendly places, too, speaks volumes - for example, tolerance to other people's needs in the community ...


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