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We would appreciate any information on this public initiative of a newspaper or magazine, for which you are writing, or blog that you are driving.

Latest campaign news are also published in the news bulletin and in the "Press Releases" in the photo album, you can choose photos for their materials.

Members of support groups open to communication - write to us, we will gladly answer your questions!

Also, we are grateful to you for easy reference, or placing a banner on your site. With pleasure we will exchange links with you - write!

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  1. What can :) Good luck to you. Correct initiative, in my opinion. Our society, unfortunately, not very friendly to the children and women in general. Why is it, do not know. Maybe because the children noisy, and young mothers believe that they "should all be." Therefore, I try to separate the "flies and cutlets." As a result, the girls usually do not see young children as long until they become mothers, and then not know what to do with them. Such an initiative, in my opinion, it is capable of generating a positive image of parenthood.

  2. EXCUSE ME. MY LETTER is not sent written here!

    You will be happy to exchange links and I'm happy to support your project!
    I'm glad that there are such projects. I keep a blog, and a lot of attention to the topic of breastfeeding. On my blog there are also a section in which new mothers can learn about the benefits of breastfeeding for the child and for the mother. On the composition and the process of developing breast milk and its beneficial properties.
    If you like any article in this section or the whole my blog, please contact me by e-mail. Exchange links, and can put your banner on your blog.

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