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Rooms for breastfeeding in Norway

August 25, 2014

Here's a little room there is in any public place in Norway:

Комнаты для ГВ в Норвегии
Photo: sapacho

Inside there is a very soft and comfortable chair for feeding, bench and small table and chairs, which is a constructor that older children can be entertained while Mom feeds brother or sister. All people ...

We have the same women often breastfeed hiding in public toilets and other unsuitable places. Of course, breastfeeding can be organized everywhere, would sling or a scarf - and a baby at the breast notice passers becomes very difficult. However, much depends on the very mother, her psychological readiness. And the presence of HS-friendly places, too, speaks volumes - for example, tolerance to other people's needs in the community ...

Children's Clinic №1 Grodno supports nursing mothers

December 12, 2010

Children's Clinic №1 of Grodno joined in the action "friendly nursing mothers!" Now this symbol can be seen on the glass, and the registry on the front door to the clinic.

ДП №1 г. Гродно

At the reception children's clinic, Grodno

Детская поликлиника №1 г.Гродно

BRANCH №1 of Grodno

I am glad that the Belarusian state medical institutions have agreed to support a nursing mother in their right to breastfeed wherever they so need.

In Germany, public GW advance using colorful cards

November 7, 2010

StillePostkarten - so-called Campaign for "public GW", which works in Germany.

The idea of ​​the campaign is similar to the campaign of the label, even though it is more personalized character. Organizers offer colorful cards to send to breast-feeding mothers. "Postcards are helping to develop the friendly attitude and evoke positive images, where we see a nursing mother," write the organizers. "Read more: In Germany, the public GW advance using colorful cards

Ryazan moms require the ability to change diapers in any shopping center

June 12, 2010

June 3 at the Week of breastfeeding started the project "in his board!". Ryazan mother smashed 10 major shopping centers of the city with a request letter to equip the place where it will be possible to change the baby diaper.

"Nowadays, young mothers very immobile, - he told the expert in media relations agency help nursing mothers" Dairy secret "Julia Gorbachev. - Having a baby, they can not afford anywhere to relax or even go shopping. "

Agency Director Tatiana Gshvend explained that the installation in shopping malls of the city hinged swaddling boards allow young mothers to baby diaper change at any time without having to worry about the inconvenience. »Read more: Ryazan moms require the ability to change diapers in any shopping center

Flashmob lactating mothers in Minsk

September 12, 2009

Flashmob in support of breastfeeding in public places went into Misnke September 6th. Active nursing moms have come to show that breastfeeding outside the home - it's not extreme, but common, which naturally woven into the daily life of the mother.

Breastfeeding does not require special conditions or a place of complex manipulations and accessories, as well as certain poses. Breastfeeding can be anywhere, anytime, when required by your baby. »Read more: Flashmob lactating mothers in Minsk

Simultaneous breastfeeding in Odessa

September 10, 2009

Flashmob on the World Breastfeeding Week, held in Odessa. About 50 women with small children in their arms gathered in the town square, and then passed the "march" through the streets of the city. According, near the fountain mom "made a simultaneous feeding" toddler :)

»Read more: simultaneous breastfeeding in Odessa