How to manipulate public opinion: a rally in support of hepatitis B in Rome

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I stumbled upon an article on the website "Italy in Russian" (published 25.06.2008, author Svetlana Kirillova), entitled "Public breastfeeding in Rome." The article shows how the producers of mixtures can manipulate public opinion even with the help of support groups on breastfeeding. The scheme proved to involve representatives of public organizations to support breastfeeding and even MEP. Read on and enjoy Take note that you do not accidentally fall into the same trap.


Defending the right to breast-feeding in public places, more than a hundred mothers gathered in Rome for a demonstration, "I am breastfeeding, where I want," organized by the association "Take care of my mother» (»Salvamamme»). This event is intended not only to soften public opinion about breast-feeding in public places, but also pay attention to the problems of mothers, who have to resort to artificial feeding, it is very expensive in Italy.

"People still cringe when they see mom breast-feeding a baby" - explains the President of the Association "Protect Mother" Grace Passero - "but they have to learn that the breast is not only an object of sexual desire. It is unclear why the image to show a woman's breasts in public is considered normal and breast feeding mothers - no. "

Association with the help of Gruppo Mercurio organized distribution of milk in the province of Rome, which to date was 4000 packages. This milk is intended primarily mothers, foreign women who are experiencing financial problems.

"Fed artificial baby milk powder is very expensive", - says Barbara Rossi authorized Association. - "4 times more expensive than in Germany."

This problem exists not only in Italy, according to a report submitted by the An MEP Roberta Anzhelilli one in five children in Europe is born in the family, balancing the poverty line. In Italy, the figure is even worse: in these families every fourth baby is born.

"We ask the EU Commission to take action and reduce VAT on children's products, especially in all kinds of milk powder" - explains Anzhelilli. - "This is already done in Ireland, the UK and Poland, so we must act decisively and firmly defend its position in the European Commission."


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