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Doll grudnichok provoked outrage in the United States

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The doll, which can breastfeed, released on the market in 2009 and has already sold 2 million units in Europe and Mexico. However, a scandal erupted around the toy is only now, after the "doll grudnichok" hit the US market. While Pups with a set of accessories can be purchased in the United States only on the Internet at the price of 89 dollars per share.

Spanish manufacturers have released three versions of the doll: European, Asian and African. In general, the toy is not much different from similar analogues. Interestingly invention, however, is a vest to which are attached two front florets. It can put "Mama doll" and use the flowers to "feed" your baby.

"Doll grudnichok" - no more dangerous than shaving foam

It flowers and aroused a storm of indignation in the United States. "This doll deprives children of innocence makes girls" Lolita ", attracts pedophiles and raise the already high rate of teenage pregnancies," - these are arguments of opponents of toys.

In defense of dolls made famous American psychiatrist Ned Hellovell. According to him, "the doll-grudnichok" is able to deprive children of innocence as well as shaving foam, which the boys smeared his face to look like dad. "This doll can harm only in one case: if it hit the child on the head," - said Hellovell.

The Americans - known opponents of breastfeeding

Activists Association breastfeeding believe that in America such a negative public reaction was predictable. After all, the US breastfeeding in public places is still not considered to be a decent and lactating mothers are often thrown out of restaurants and buses only for the fact that they put the baby to her breast.

Activists themselves only welcome the emergence of such toys and are pleased that manufacturers dolls finally learned: to feed the children, you can not just bottle.

Source: Babyreporter


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